Words from the Secretary

Samarpandeep B.Ed. College is different from a traditional college. It is a training college to teach and train the art and technique of teaching to graduate in Arts, Science and Commerce who are awarded such degrees by college and Universities in our country.

Through this may be only a drop in the ocean, yet we are proud that we are here to maintain the rich tradition of educating our fellow men for which our country is renowned since beginning of civilization. Our children, adolescent and grownups no doubt need, rich food to develop in flesh and blood but for more than that they require intellectual training which could be possible only through better and enriched system of Education and Technology forward which are marching slowly but surely in this sense our goal be really noble.

The destiny of a nation is being shaped In the class room, the only responsible person is the teacher. Keeping this in view the institution has started professional courses like B.Ed. The vision of the institution is to provide excellent learning experience to the students and to improve their innate potentials and tp develop their overall personality.

Education is the life line of developing society. It produces useful citizen and in this respect the role of the teacher is really praise worthy. But to have good trained and useful teacher is really very difficult. "Samarpandeep" is the memory name of this Institution. Let us hope for better.

"I am glad to invite you to be a student of our institution".

Shri Nawal Kishore Gupta
Honorable Secretary, Samarpandeep B.Ed College