A. General Information

I. Name & address of the Institution : Samarpandeep B.Ed College
Village - Ushamatu
Post - Ratu
District - Ranchi
State - Jharkhand
PIN - 835222
Email- samarpandeepbedcollege@gmail.com
Telephone No.- 0651-2100300, 9835380205
II. Year of establishment : 2010
III. Teachers Education Programme(s) offered in the institution :
  • Programme- B.Ed.
  • Number & Year of NCTE Recognition- ERC/7-134.6.11/NCTE/B.Ed./2012/12084
  • Sanctioned Intake - 100
IV. Details of Affiliation :
  • Programme- B.Ed.
  • Name of the Affiliating Body- ERC/7-134.6.11/NCTE/B.Ed./2012/12084
  • Number and Year of Affiliation - 100
V. Status of Affiliation :
  • Permanent  
  • Temporary
VI. Type of Management :
  • University Dept.(State University/Central University/Deemed University/Private University)
  • Government Institution
  • Government aided Institution
  • Self-financing Institution  
VII. In the case of Govt.aided or self-financing Institution, mention if the institution is managed by :
  • Registered Society
  • Registered Trust  
  • Company Registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act
VIII. Status of the Institution :
  • Independent Institution offering only Teachers Education Programme(s)  
  • Department in a Composite Institution offering UG/PG Programmes in various disciplines
IX. Institution meant for :
  • Males only
  • Females only
  • Co-Educational  
X. Accessibility :
  • Whether accessible in all-weather and through Pucca Road - YES
  • Name of the nearest Railway Station - Ranchi

NCTE Recognition

The college has been granted recognition from the National Council of Teacher Education (N.C.T.E.) Eastern Regional Committee Bhubaneshwar vide its order No. ERC/7-134.6.11/NCTE/B.Ed/2012/12084 with intake of 100 students in one academic year starting from 2012-13. It has got NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Ranchi University, Ranchi for affiliation.

NOC From Ranchi University

Samarpandeep B.Ed. College has got NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Ranchi University, Ranchi for affiliation.

Land Certificate


Affidavit Page 1
Affidavit Page 2
Affidavit Page 3


1. Campus & Infrastructure

a. Available land area in square metres

b. Whether the available land is on

  • Lease basis
  • Ownership basis  

c. Build-up area in square metres

In case of multi-storey building built-up area in square metres on each floor

Sl. No. Floor Built-up area in square metres
1. Ground Floor
2. First Floor
3. Second Floor
4. Third Floor
5. Fourth Floor
  Total Area

d. Mention if Fire safety equipment has been installed

  • Yes  
  • No

If yes, mention if the same are installed as per Building Bye Laws

  • Yes  
  • No

e. Mention the facilities available for differently abled persons

  • 1.......
  • 2.......
  • 3.......
  • 4.......
  • 5.......

f. Mention if Hostel facilities are available

  • Yes  
  • No

If yes

  • Mention if separate facilities are available for female students
    • Yes  
    • No
  • Mention the number of male and /or female students for whom facilities are available
    • Male Students - 50
    • Female Students - 50

g.(i) The information regarding the available infrastructure be provided in the following Table:

Sl. No. Infrastructure Whether available: Yes/No Size in Sq.ft.
  • Classroom
  • i. Classroom 1
  • ii. Classroom 2
  • iii. Classroom 3
b. Multipurpose Hall
c. Library-cum-Reading Room
d. ICT Resource Centre
e. Curriculum Laboratory
f. Art & Resource Centre
g. Health & Physical Education Resource Centre
h. Multipurpose Playfield

g.(ii) Whether following facilities are available in the Institution:

Sl. No. Infrastructure Whether available: Yes/No
a. Principal's Office
b. Staff Rooms
c. Administrative Office
d. Visitors Room
e. Separate Common Room for male & female students
f. Seminar Room
g. Canteen
h. Separate Toilet facility for male & female students
i. Separate Toilet facility for staff
j. Separate Toilet facility for differently abled person
k. Parking Space
l. Open space for Additional Accomodation
m. Store Room
n. Medical facility

2. Teaching & Non-teaching Staff

No. of staff members in position at the time of commencement of the Current Session:

a. Principal/HOD - 1
b. Academic Staff:
  • Professor - 0
  • Associate Professor/Reader - 0
  • Associate Professor/Lecturer - 9
  • Any Other - 0
  • Total Academic Staff - 0
c. Total Administrative, Technical and Professional Staff - 0

d. No. of vacant positions as on the date of last Revision of website

Sl.No. Academic Positions No.of vacant Positions Other Staff No. of Vacant Positions
i. Principal/HOD 0 Administrative Staff 0
ii. Professor 0 Technical Staff 0
iii. Associate Professor/Reader 0 Professional Staff 0
iv. Assistant Professor/Lecturer 0    
e. Number of Academic and other Staff recruited during the Current Session:
  • Academic - 0
  • Other - 0
f. Number of Academic and other Staff who left the institution during the Current Session [Session]:
  • Academic - 6
  • Other - 0

A. Academic Staff as on 20-06-2019

Sl.No.Programme NameName of the StaffDesignationAcademic QualificationProfessional Qualification.Date of BirthDate of AppointmentNature of AppointmentWhether Approved by the Affiliating University/BodyPay scale or Consolidated Amt.Total EmolumentsRetirement Benefits, CPF etc.PhotographRemarks
1B.EdDashrath MahtoAssistant ProfessorM.A.M.Ed. 1978-03-022012-09-01Permanent Full TimeYes2220022200EFPDashrath Mahto

B. Administrative, Professional and Technical Staff as on 20-06-2019


3. Students on the Rolls of the Institution

This section shall include the following information about the students on the Rolls of the institution:

a) Date of commencement of the current academic session - 18-08-2017
b) Last date fixed by the affiliating body for admission - 17-08-2017
c) Date of last admission made in the institution - 16-08-2017
d) Mode of selection of students;whether students are selected by the Affiliating Body or by the Institution:
  • Selected by the Affiliating Body -
  • Selected by Institution -
e) Whether entrance test is conducted by the Institution/Affiliating Body/State Government:
  • Institution -
  • Affiliating Body -
  • State Govt. -
f) No. of students enrolled in the current academic session - 100

g) Category-wise distribution of students

Programme NameNo. of Male studentsNo. of Female studentsNo.of students enrolled in SC categoryNo.of students enrolled in ST categoryNo.of students enrolled in OBC categoryNo.of students enrolled in Unreserved categoryTotal Students in Programme

h) No. of Students in each Pedagogy Subjects

Programme NamePedagogy SubjectNo.of students enrolled

i) Details of Enrolled Students

Students Enrolled for the Current Session -NO RECORD FOUND-

4. Financial Status

a) Endowment Fund maintained by TEI


b) Reserve Fund maintained by TEI


c) Annual fees charged from students of different programmes and Annual fees fixed by the state Govt. for different programmes


d) Mention if Fees Concession or Scholarship is given to students - No

Details -

g) Whether Balance Sheet of the previous Academic Session has been displayed -


5. Instructional Resources

A. Library

a) Sitting capacity in the reading room - 100

b) Number of books - 100

c) Number of Titles - 4500

d) Number of Reference books - 0

f) Number of books added during previous academic session -0

g) Number of books added during current academic session -0

e) Names of Journal Subscribed


B. ICT Resource Centre

→ Number of Computer Systems - 20

→ Availability of Internet facility - Yes 

→ Accessibility of Internet facility to students - Yes 

→ Number of CD ROMs - 0

→Number of Resources added during during the Current Session


→Number of Resources added during during the Previous Session

Sl.NoName of ResourceNumber

C. Arts & Craft Resource Centre

(Essential items available be mentioned) -NO RECORD FOUND-

→Number of Resources added during during the Previous Session


D. Curriculum Laboratory

(Essential items available be mentioned)
Sl.NoResource for Curriculum Laboratory"A"-Available,"NA" - Not Available
1Resource for English LanguageA
2Resource for Social Science EducationA
3Resources for Core MathematicsA
4Overhead Projector / Notice Boards / Black BoardsNA
5Resource for Science EducationA
6Resources for Regional Language EducationA

→Number of Resources added during during the Previous Session


E. Physical Education Resource Centre

(Essential items available be mentioned) -NO RECORD FOUND-

→Number of Resources added during during the Previous Session


6. Academic Management

→ Daily working hours - 6

→ Number of working days in a week - 6

→ Total no. of working days in the previous academic session - 0

→ Average daily attendance during the current session - 0

→Programme-wise Results of Students for last three years


→Number of Ex-students of the Institution who qualified in the Central or State Eligibility Test during the Previous years:


→Mention the value added courses if offered by the TEI on own its initiative

→Name & Number of schools available for internship during the current session


→ Total number of internship days in the previous academic session - 0

→ Total number of Mentor teachers associated with the Internship Programme - 0

→ Did the institution conduct orientation programme for the students before the commencement of Internship - No 

→ Did the institution conduct the Planning cum consultation meeting with the Heads of Internship Schools? - No 

→Details of Internship School


→Details of Academic Programmes like Conference, Seminars, Workshops, Training Programmes organised, during the previous academic session:


Conference held on....

Seminars and Workshops


Training Programmes

Training program held on....

→Details of Events/Celebrations organized during the previous academic session:

Celebrations held on........

7. Governance Structure

a) Has the institution constituted the Management Committee-Yes 

→Details of the members of the Management Committee

Sl.No.NameEducational QualificationProfessional OccupationDesignationPhotograph
1Mr. Abhishek SinghB.A.Social workerPresidentMr. Abhishek Singh
2Mr. Nawal Kishore GuptaMBASocial workerSecretaryMr. Nawal Kishore Gupta
3Mr. Vikash PoddarB.ComBusiness ManTreasurerMr. Vikash Poddar
4Shailendra Kumar SinghB.Sc.Social workerBoard MemberShailendra Kumar Singh
5Jitendra PrasadB.ComSocial workerBoard MemberJitendra Prasad
6Vishal Kumar SinghB.A.Social workerBoard MemberVishal Kumar Singh
7Gajanand MahtoB.A.NABoard MemberGajanand Mahto

→No. of meetings of the Management Committee held during the Previous academic session- 5

b) Has institution established a Grievance Redressal Mechanism? - Yes 
The college is having its own grievance Redressal system in an informal manner i.e through direct supervision of the principal and managing director earlier. But in formal sense along with the provision of suggestion boxes the grievance Redressal cell of the college was created on 2nd April 2017.The function of the cell is to look into the complaints lodged by any student, and judge its merit. The Grievance cell is also empowered to look into matters of Harassment. Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the department members in person, or in consultation with the officer in-charge Students’ Grievance Cell. In case the person is unwilling to appear in self, grievances may be dropped in writing at the letterbox/ suggestion box of the Grievance Cell.

c) Has institution established Anti-ragging Mechanism? - Yes 
Antiragging Policy of Samarpandeep B.Ed. College is aware of the ragging menace in the campuses of colleges and follows the UGC Regulations, Court Directives and State Act in letter and spirit to ban any and all sorts of ragging activities in the campus. Accordingly, it has initiated to take stringent action against the perpetrators by strictly enforcing the measures to prohibit, prevent and punishment for ragging.

d) Has institution constituted the Quality Assurance Cell? - Yes 

e) Mention if any other structure has been created to enhance the effectiveness of the Institution
details go here....

8. Revision/Modification of Website

i. Academic session in respect of which above information in Part II is provided- 2016-2018

ii. Date of last Revision of of website- 17-08-2017

iii. Periodicity of Website Revision -

  • Quarterly 
  • Half Yearly
  • Annually


Certified that the data provided in the website is authentic to the best of my knowledge. Further, I am duly authorised by the management of the Instittution to provide the Information.

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